What our members say

"Everyone is very friendly. Experience level ranges from beginners to competitors of both genders. They do a great job getting new members accustomed to the gym and the movements. They also do events for holidays and social gatherings."
Mellisa P.
"Battle CrossFit has exceeded my expectations. I have belonged to several gyms and this one easily surpasses the others. The members are extremely welcoming. The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. I have grown both physically and mentally by accomplishing fitness goals and pushing myself to limits I didn’t think were possible."
Julie C.
"I retired from the Marine Corps in 2014 after 22 years of regimented regular exercise and the need to eat healthy to stay within weight standards. Once I entered the civilian life, it was easy to eat anything and everything and skip workouts. Besides that, the Marine Corps was not kind to my knees, lower back, hips, feet, elbows, shoulders, etc.; pretty much every joint has some degree of osteoarthritis. The weight quickly piled on and I found myself going from the mid-180s to my heaviest weight of 257 lbs. I did try some crash diets where I dropped down to around 210 lbs. for awhile, but quickly gained that back. My wife (Joanne), started CrossFit around November, but I did not really consider it. I felt I was too out of shape and in pain to even try. Finally, Joanne convinced me that I would really like the workouts and there was a coach (Justin) that she thought I would enjoy working with. I decided to give it a try. After the first lesson with Justin, I knew this was something I would really enjoy. Even though I couldn’t do the movements well and my cardio sucked, Justin made me feel like I was doing great and progressing, while ensuring I did not overdo it. He is honestly one of the best coaches/mentors I have ever worked with. Wanting to be better at CrossFit made me want to lose weight to make things easier. I received a lot of great advice from the coaches and owners (Jody and Glen) on my nutrition, and I decided to cut out sugars and refined carbohydrates. When I started at Battle in April, I was 246 lbs. and after just 5 months, I am presently at 194 lbs. There is still a lot of work and progression I need to work on, especially mobility, but I feel like I have made great progress thanks to all of the great coaches at Battle. I still have aches and pains, but a lot of the pain in my knees and other joints have diminished since I started CrossFit. I am a lot more fit, and I feel a lot better about myself since I began. All the coaches at Battle are professional, encouraging, and motivate you to do your best. Doing the WOD at Battle is the thing I look forward to most every day. The atmosphere, the people, and the coaches make it a great experience."
Lenny R.
"Battle CrossFit has exceeded my expectations. I have belonged to several gyms and this one easily surpasses the others."
Kristen B.
"When I walked into Battle just over 3 months ago, I had no idea the effect it would have on me personally and my life as a whole. I had always worked out, but doing CrossFit has challenged me in a way that I've never been challenged before in fitness. It has pushed me to not only be physically stronger but reach a whole new level of mental toughness. After 3 months of CrossFit I feel like I found this part of myself I didn't know existed. I feel excited and at the same time never satisfied. There is always a new movement I can master or a heavier weight I can do And sure, the results from CrossFit that you can visibly see are enough to keep you coming back, but at Battle it is more than just a kick-ass workout, it is the people who keep me coming back every day. Battle is a community that believes you are capable of achieving something you never thought you could. I want to set new goals, reach new levels not only for myself but for those at Battle who continue to push me, support me and smile with my success. Being a member at Battle has made me want to focus on more than just me personally, I now want to be the girl that motivates everyone else at the gym to work a little bit harder. Thank you for changing my life :)"
Tara B.
"I have been a member for almost 6 years now and I can’t say enough great things about Battle!!! It is truly an amazing place and workout that pushes you physically and mentally. I have always had to workout and since Battle I am in the best shape of my life!"
Adam C.
"I joined Battle CrossFit because I needed a change from the home workouts that I was doing. I was getting bored putting the same workout videos on day after day. I had heard about CrossFit so I decided to check out Battle. My concern was that I didn’t know a lot of the Olympic weightlifting movements. The coaches at Battle are fantastic and work with you at every class no matter what level you are at to improve your technique. I am never bored with the workouts because they are constantly varied and the friendly atmosphere amongst everyone sets Battle apart. I recommend Battle CrossFit to anyone at any level of fitness."
Jim S.
"I am so thankful for my Battle CrossFit Family!! Joining Battle has been a life changing experience for me and I have met some of the most amazing people through this fabulous community!!!"
Renee A.
"Three years ago I walked through the doors of Battle CrossFit and it changed my life forever. I had been reluctant to join Battle for all the reasons everyone else is, self-doubt and lack of knowledge. I had checked out the website, had listened to my friend who was a coach at Battle rave about how it was a life changer for her, and saw the athletes running on Route 4 but I still thought, "That place is for real athletes". What I didn't know was I am a real athlete. I never, ever considered myself an athlete until I joined Battle CrossFit. Before joining Battle I had a brief career running with hopes to run a full marathon, however it was pretty apparent from repeated injuries and pain in my IT band, back and shoulder muscles I was weak and a marathon was way out of reach if I didn't gain some strength. Before starting to run in my late 30's I had never participated in any athletic activities whatsoever. I had no knowledge of Olympic weight training, metabolic conditioning, tabata or AMRAPS. To me to "clean" something meant Windex and paper towels. I began running to have an outlet for "life" - I was working full time, raising three kids (one with Type 1 diabetes), managing a household, and watching my dad disintegrate at the hands of a ruthless neurodegenerative disease. To say the least, life was stressful. Running gave me an hour to expel the pent up stress and emotional pain I was experiencing. Then my dad succumbed to the disease called Lewy body Dementia. The strongest person I knew had been taken out. As the disease cripples a person cognitively and physically, I distinctly remember one day he fell in his closet and could not get himself up as his brain couldn't communicate with his muscles. But what's worse is, I couldn't help him because I wasn't strong enough physically. It's a moment I often wish I could got back to now that I am strong enough physically and emotionally. Losing a person you love introduces your life to this thing called "grief". I like to view it as an energy, or a force. It is a powerful force that can take you over if you don't show it who's boss. Battle CrossFit has helped me control the force of grief in my life. Every year on my dad's anniversary I set a physical goal - rope climbs, pull ups, double-unders, and now, this year's goal - a muscle up. All my grief energy goes into attaining those goals. I remember my first goal - rope climbs. I was in the gym on a Saturday, during open gym. The ropes were down and I was staring up at them. Coach Justin came over to me and said, "Do you want to get up that rope today?" And I replied, "I do". He then had me do about 100 rope locks and returned to me and said, "Are you ready" and I replied, "Justin, my dad died on this day two years ago. I don't want to be sad. I want to do something great". He took a step back and looked at me and said, "Let's do this". As I got to the top of the rope, the entire gym was looking up at me, cheering me on. It was a great day. A day that could have been so much worse if not for me being at Battle doing CrossFit. As Battle has helped me deal with my grief monster, it has also given me a place day to day to deal with everyday life stressor. But, even better, as I am coming off of 20+ years of raising kids, and approaching empty nest-hood, it's allowed me to have time for me. A place to make myself a priority after devoting so much to others. It's a place I can really focus on me to feel good and even more important to be strong physically, emotionally and socially. Yes, socially. Battle is a social place. It is the people of Battle that keep me coming back. Not only had I never been an athlete, I’d never been on a team and had never been coached. I never experienced an athlete standing beside me cheering me on or a coach giving my nonjudgmental feedback to help me improve until I joined Battle. I'll never forget doing private sessions with Coach Nikki with the goal of getting across the rings. When I did she jumped into the air and screamed "Yeah!” The people of Battle CrossFit are the most positive, genuine, kind and supportive people you will ever have the privilege of sharing floor space with. They know your goals, they know your struggles, they know your strengths and they are there not only to improve their lives but to support you in yours. If you are at all hesitant about CrossFit because you think it is for "real athletes" don't be. You are a real athlete. It's in you, let Battle bring it out. Find your place, set your goals, be coached, and cheered on and do the same for others. Make you a priority. If you're worried about the cost, I promise you won't miss the money. The payback is worth its weight in gold. You can't put a price on this stuff. As for me, I don't know that I'll ever run a marathon (more because it's not something I really want to do), but I do know I'll get a muscle up."
Nicole C.
"A place to get stronger and healthier but more importantly a place to make friends like family. Who are there to truly support you"
Grace R.
"Thank you for changing my life!"
Olivia L.
"I cannot thank you enough for the past 8 weeks of coaching, cues, and "way to go's" during the squat cycle. My squat has always been a bit of a train wreck and I was scared to try any heavy weights because of my form. I feel like I have had some of the best coaching... I know Ben's form is also improving and he is becoming more and more confident. Thank you for your energy, dedication, and obvious love for this sport. I appreciate you!"
Sarah R.