Battle CrossFit Difference

Why choose Battle CrossFit over a traditional globo gym, or a different CrossFit affiliate?

The following features are what set us apart from any other fitness facility, both CrossFit affiliates and otherwise.

On Ramp Program

Small group "Individual" trainer led instruction

We are a small group exercise facility using functional movements to improve overall wellness and fitness. However, prior to graduating to group CrossFit classes, you will complete up to eight one-on-one, or eight group beginner training sessions that will properly prepare you for our regular classes.

Learning movements that are required for improved fitness – movements like squats, overhead pressing, and pull-ups – takes time, as does improving your mobility, your endurance, your speed and your power.

Improving your fitness is a process. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when they show up at our doors. Some students struggle with mobility, others with stability, yet others come to us two months after having knee surgery and need to be tended with care. And on the other end of the spectrum, some athletes arrive at our door well conditioned with an extensive athletic background.

The point is we all have different needs when we start a new strength and conditioning program. It doesn’t make sense to throw you right into classes before you have properly learned the movements. So here at Battle CrossFit, by the time you graduate to classes, you’ll have a good understanding of 30-40 movements, and you will understand how to adapt or modify each movement to best match your current abilities.

This also means that by the time you get to classes you will feel confident and comfortable showing up to ht the workout with the group.

Start your journey

Coach for Life

Don’t worry – we won’t abandon you after you graduate from your On-Ramp sessions. Even once you’ve graduated to group classes, you will stay in contact with your coach.

Our Coaches are here to help you stay on track with your training and fitness goals.

Often what happens is once individuals enter group classes, they discover new challenges, and so refresher sessions with a coach may help you improve or refine movements and skills.

We have found that individuals that form relationships with our Coaches, and the Battle CrossFit community both at the gym and socially, are more likely to continue on their path to improved fitness, and ultimately the path to a healthier, happier You.


At Battle CrossFit, we routinely perform benchmark workouts that will assess your progress through a wide range of gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning. We routinely revisit these workouts throughout the year.

By completing these Benchmark workouts it allows you, as well as the coaches, to see how your fitness level is changing.


Our online app – WODIFY – is the on-line system that we use to monitor your progress in the gym. It allows for both you and your coach to monitor your progress from the day you start at Battle CrossFit.

Research has proven that people who keep track of their progress are more likely to stay motivated to be fit.

From keeping track of benchmarks, to keeping track of your attendance, WODIFY allows you to stay connected with not only your progress, but also your coaches and the greater community, ultimately helping you stay on track with your training.

CrossFit Group Class

We offer classes Monday through Friday in the morning and evenings. We also offer open gym time on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

We know you have a busy and hectic schedule, and we attempt to offer classes at times that fit your schedule. But more than this, we have a large coaching staff, and our coaches work a manageable 5 to 10 hours a week, so they have plenty of energy to give to each person and each class.

Specialty Programs

We don’t just offer group classes. We offer both seasonal and ongoing specialty programs for athletes who are looking to improve or achieve specific strength or fitness goals.

For our members, these occasional offerings help them to improve in their preferred areas, such as Weightlifting, advanced Gymnastics, or endurance work.


Our facility (“Box”) has all the necessary components to help you get fit and stay fit; 3000 square feet of training space, ALL necessary equipment from conditioning to strength training (rowers, Assault Bikes, ski-erg, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, Rogue rig, etc.), showers, and ample on-site parking.

Community Events

The strength in our gym lies in our community. From BBQs, to Paint Parties, to Halloween parties, our members are more than just people you work with, they will also become your close friends.

Fitness is something that should make your life better; it’s not something we think should dominate your life. We believe it’s important to be well-rounded.

We have learned that members who are engaged in the community are more likely to want to show up to the gym not only to workout, but also to enjoy “fitnessing” with friends.