If you have never experienced CrossFit before then we would like to invite you to take part in a FREE introductory class. During this one hour session you will get to meet one of our certified trainers, learn more about our training methods and programming, as well as try a CrossFit workout. You will also get to share your fitness goals and clear up any questions you may have.


If you are NEW to the CrossFit Community, your path will be to participate in and complete our CrossFit On Ramp Program. The On Ramp Program is essential to learning the safety and effectiveness of CrossFit, along with gaining proficiency with the Foundational Movement patterns. These classes are designed to prepare you to start CrossFit training.

CrossFit On Ramp 1 on 1 sessions:

The 1 on 1 sessions are designed to gradually introduce the athlete to CrossFit and to teach the fundamentals. This is accomplished through individual 1 on 1 training sessions with a Certified CrossFit Trainer. The benefit to this option is that you get to design a schedule of your choosing. Athlete’s should plan to schedule and attend (6) private 60-minute sessions (2 – 3 per week) with a Trainer. We suggest you plan to accomplish this in a 30-day time frame. Athlete’s will learn the Fundamental Movements of CrossFit, along with methodology, safety, efficiency and mechanics of those movements.

What happens when I finish the 6 sessions?

At the completion athletes will then be “graduated” to regular CrossFit group classes.*
*If at any point the athlete or Trainer feels that additional On Ramp sessions are needed, arrangements can be made for 1 on 1 coaching.

What is my next step?

Schedule your free introductory session to get started towards a fitter and healthier version of you!

Start your journey