Open gym times at Battle CrossFit are supervised but not necessarily coach led. They are open to members, as well as Drop-Ins. Unlike a regular CrossFit class you’ll be on your own to warm up and work out. So where do you start?

  1. Say Hello – Chances are you won’t be the only at open gym so introduce yourself to others. Whoever is there might want to join you in a workout, work on some weaknesses or just become your new best friend. Exercise is always better together so be open to it.
  2. Warm Up – No matter what type of workout you’re doing you should properly warm up before you do anything. Get a little sweaty. Work some range of motion. Then start with some movement prep for whatever comes next. Not sure what to do? Ask a coach.
  3. Make Up A Workout You Missed – At Battle CrossFit, there is a method to the work that you do every day you come in and we try to make that effective for people. So if you missed a workout, make it up.
  4. Work On Your Weaknesses – Yes, we all have them! While this sounds very logical, most people when given their choice of workouts will pick something they are good at. That’s a big mistake. Pick a movement that gives your trouble and spend some time with it. Can’t get double-unders? Spend 20-30 minutes practicing.
  5. Get Some Help – Do you have a specific goal in mind besides general fitness? Planning to do a weightlifting competition or an obstacle course race? Ask a coach to come up with some specific programming that will help you crush your goals. Sure, there will usually be an added cost with this but it will make a big difference having a focused plan.
  6. Following your own programming – Whether it be CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, or any other sport, come in and use our facility and equipment during any Open Gym times.

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