WOD - Wed, Feb 14

WOD - Wed, Feb 14
"Tunnel of Love + Roses are Red" (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Partner workout

Part A “Tunnel of Love”

1000m row

*one partner rows while other partner jumps rope. Partners switch every 500m

*Rule: if partner stops jumping, rower must stop and put handle down until partner starts jumping again

Rest 2:00 then

Part B “Roses are red, violets are blue….so are wall balls”

AMRAP 20 (1 medball and 1 slamball)

50 partner medball twists 20#/14#

40 partner medball situps

30 slam balls

20 wall ball shots

*twists-partners sit back to back, feet off the floor, pass the ball off to eachother, each partner does a twist=1 rep

*situps-sit facing eachother, must touch ball above your head before passing off-each partner does a situp = 1 rep

*slam balls, break up as you want, 30 total btw partners

*wall balls-break up as you want, 20 total btw partners

Workout courtesy of “Modern Viking Athletics”

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