WOD - Sat, Sep 30

WOD - Sat, Sep 30
Saturday Chaos (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Team of 2


P1) Max cals bike

P2) 5 Double DB Hang power Clean 35/20’s

10M Double DB waiters walk

5 Handstand push ups

10M DB farmer Carry

rest 3:00


P1) Max cals Row

P2) 8 Plate Ground to OH 45/25

10 Plate Lunges

12 Plate sit ups

Rest 3:00


10M D-ball Bear crawl Push + 10M D-ball Carry

6 Burpees over D-ball

8 D-ball over Shoulder

* AMRAP 1&2 both work at same time, switch after P2 work is complete

* AMRAP 3 1 work 1 rest but

P1 D-ball push&carry then P2 completes D-ball push/carry, then P1 burpees, then P2 burpees etc.

Movement for movement.

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