WOD - Sat, May 6

WOD - Sat, May 6
Saturday Chaos (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Team of 2


Buy in 100 cals Bike


10 Deadlifts 135/95

8 Toes 2 Bar

6 HangCleans 135/95

4 Chest 2 Bar

2 Wallwalks

*alt movements

Overhead Squat Work (Checkmark)

Group 1) Not Great -


Shoulders + T-Spine - Barbell Child’s Pose + Arm Lifts

Hips + L-Spine - Active Goblet Bottom of Squat Hold - accumulate 1:00 min

Ankles + Knees + Hips - Front Foot Elevated Split Squat (Assisted or BW)


Heel Elevated Squat w/ Rig Support

Top of OH Squat Position Hold w/ PVC
Group 2) Good at OHS -


PVC BN Snatch Grip Sotts Press


4 x 4 of Wobbly OH Squat

4 x 4 ascending of OH Squat with 3 sec Eccentric

Note weights in the comments

Rope Climb Skill Work (Checkmark)

Learn 3 locks; practice 3 locks.

Running (Pose) Drills (Checkmark)
  • 3x50m - A skip - (High knees with skip)
    • Body starts in pose position. Maintain slight forward lean, 90 degree angle with ankle, knee, hip, elbow.
    • Stay over top of center mass and drive foot into ground
    • Example - at 1:00 in video
  • 3x50m - B skip - (A skip with extended leg)
    • Same position and rules as A skip
    • As drive knee up like in A skip, going to extend that leg out, then drive the foot down to the ground
    • Example at 2:32 in video
  • 3x50m - half moon 1-2-3 cycle
    • Take 3 hop/steps into a B skip
    • Ensure that the cycle foot lands under hips, once that foot strikes the ground bring it up quickly, thus creating the half moon shape
    • Example at 3:33 in video
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0JjbMMTOmw
  • These drills are meant to be slow and controlled, not to be rushed.

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