WOD - Sat, Jun 3

WOD - Sat, Jun 3

Handstand Pushups

Athlete A-"buildin it"


Superset x 3 sets

Dual db z-press hold x :30 (moderate to heavy)

Pike hspu-floor 1 set x max reps


Half kneel SA DB press 3 x12/arm (moderate)

Banded tricep extension 3 x 15

Athlete B-"drillin it"


Tripod headstand 3 x :20

HSPU leg patternx 10

HSPU negatives x 10


Half kneel SA press 3 x12/arm (moderate to heavy)

Banded tricep extension 3 x 15

Athlete C-"killin it"


Dual DB z-press 5 x 5 (heavy)


Freestanding headstand hold x 1:00 (accumulate)

HSPU negatives x 6-12

Band assisted HSPU 3 sets x max

Mobility / Stretching

Handstand Pushups


t-spine foam roll x 1:00

cat/cow x 10/dxn

oh lat stretch on wall pulses x 10

scorpions x 5/side

Mobility / Stretching

Handstand Pushups


childs pose side bends x :30/side

seated wtd bar shoulder ext holdsx 1:00

seated table top shoulder ext with :10 hold x 6

t-spine foam roll with pvc distraction

Saturday Chaos (Time)

Team of 2

For time (40 min) cap

100cals Bike

*every 2:00min

1 synchwall walk + 2 Clean&Jerk 135/95

100cals Row

*every 2:00min

5 synch Burpees + 2 Power Snatches 95/65

10 -100m sprints

*every 2mins

5 synch goblet squats + 10 KBS 53/35

* one works on the cals/m other rest, at 2 mins both do synch movement and than either split barbell or 1 can do both reps

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