WOD - Sat, Apr 8

WOD - Sat, Apr 8
Saturday chaos (Time)

Team of 2

Buy in 2000m Row

then 12 rds

3 Deadlifts 205/155


10 Alt Rev Goblet hold Lunges 50/35

10 Weighted sit ups 50/35

Cash out 2000m Row

* I go U go full rds

Skill Work
Cardio - Bike Time Trial (Time)

For the next 4 weeks, we’re going to be spending about 15 minutes working on some Biking intervals and sprints to improve our capacity on the Bike (specifically the C2 Bike, unless it’s not available.)
For the 4 weeks, we are starting and ending with a 1000 m Time Trial – an all-out effort to see what your best is at the “short-medium” end of the fitness spectrum. In between, we’ll do some pacing drills, sprints, and interval work to see how much we can improve in such a short time.

Workout 1) 1000 m Time Trial

Pacing Exercise (No Measure)

These are two exercises inspired by the C2 website - we learn about the effect of pacing (RPM) and resistance on our biking.

First 5 minutes:
Set the resistance to 1.

Minute 0 - 1: Ride at a totally natural pace. This is "natural".
Minute 1 - 1:30 - Ride at "natural" plus 10 RPM.
1:30 to 2: Natural.
2: to 2:30: Natural + 20
2:30 to 3: Natural
3 to 3:30 Natural + 30
3:30 to 4: Natural
4 to 4:30 Natural + 40

2nd 5 minutes:

Set damper to 1 - your goal is to keep your RPMs at Natural for the entire duration, while increasing damper settings.

Minute 0 - 1: Natural.
1 - 1:30 - Damper on 2
1:30 to 2: Damper on 1
2: to 2:30: Damper on 3
2:30 to 3: Damper on 1
3 to 3:30 Damper on 4
3:30 to 4: Damper on 1
4 to 4:30 Damper on 5

Toes to Bar - Athlete A: General assessment and reinforcing good movement (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete A has not yet achieved T2B or has trouble stringing together more than a small set

Film 3 reps each of: Kip swing, Kipping knee raise, Kipping straight leg raise to chest height, Knees to elbows, T2B – self-assess, looking for tight arch/hollow, body behind bar during leg raise portion, lat engagement, etc. “Success” is completed movement standard while maintaining comfortable, rhythmic kip swing. Determine at what point success ends and why. Confirm your thoughts with coach, if they are free and willing.

4 sets of 3+3 : 3 reps of most advanced success immediately into 3 reps of next progression. Focus is on reinforcing proper movement with first 3 reps and then trying to replicate that success into the next 3 reps.

Toes to Bar - Athlete B: General assessment and metcon strategy (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete B can string T2B and wants to become more efficient with T2B during metcons

Film set of 5 to 10 unbroken T2B - self-assess t2b, look for broken arch/hollow and any other surprise ugliness

Drill – warm up with several small sets of T2B, and then perform 1 max set of unbroken T2B – this will provide you with a metric for use in metcon pacing strategy (i.e. if max is 25 reps and metcon calls for 30 reps, unbroken is out of the question, 20/10 will likely result in too much fatigue in first set, 15/15 should be doable, 10/10/10 will be easy)

3 sets of X reps (X = ½ of previous max set) with 1:2 work to rest

Power Clean (No Measure)

Skill Work:

x5-10 reps Hook grip Deadlifts just to knee pvc or 15# bar
- Focus slow pull off ground, lats engaged, contact with bar, push knees back
x5-10 reps hook grip Low hang to high hang
-Focus lats engaged, shoulders over knees to shoulders in-line with hip, pulling back, knees still bent
x5-10 reps hook grip high pulls from high hang position
-Focus elbow high and back outside, chest contact with bar, engaged quads and glutes to stand tall and pull up as you push floor away to stand
x5-10 reps The catch starting from scarecrow position
-Focus on elbows pulled back and high to start, on toes fill extension of knees and hips, than fast elbow around bar, catching in mini squat with chest high and hip back and down slightly (hold in catch position for 5 sec)

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