WOD - Sat, Apr 29

WOD - Sat, Apr 29
Saturday Chaos (Time)

Team of 2

For time

Buy in 20 Burpees Box jump overs 24/20

10 rds

10 Kettlebell swings 53/35

10 KB pull thru

10 Goblet Squats

Then 20 Burpee Box Jump overs

10 rds

10 Wallballs

10 WB sit ups

10 WB alt Lunges

Cash out 20 Burpee Box jump overs

Toes to Bar - Athlete A: Resetting tight arch (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete A has not yet achieved T2B or has trouble stringing together more than a small set

3 x 4 Alligator rolls, rest as needed between sets

EMOM 12 (alternate between movements)

5 GHD reverse hyper

5 kipping knee raise (focus on pulling feet back down quickly, progress to harder variant each round if successful)

Power Clean (Power cleans with weight increase
Set 1: 3 reps drop and reset
Set 2: 3 reps touch and go
Add weight
Set 3: 2 reps drop and reset
Set 4: 2 reps touch and go
Add weight
Set 5: 1 rep increase to heavy ish
Add weight, repeating (Set 5) until fai)
Toes to Bar - Athlete B: Lat dominant vs. Hip flexor dominant t2b when paired with other movements (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete B can string T2B and wants to become more efficient with T2B during metcons

3 x 4 Alligator rolls, rest as needed between sets

3 x 10 legs swings front/back

3 rounds

1:00 row

Hip flexor dominant t2b (shoulders mostly open in hollow, hips behind bar, straight leg raise)

3 rounds

10 GHD situps

Lat dominant t2b (shoulders close in hollow, shoulders behind bar, knee raise)

Bike Time Trial (Time)

Bike 1000 m

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