WOD - Sat, Apr 22

WOD - Sat, Apr 22
Power Clean Work (No Measure)

Power Clean Work:

Part 1: Go through this twice, once with an empty bar then once with an extra 20 or 30 pounds:

x5-10 reps hook grip Deadlifts shin to knee (focus slow pull off ground, lats engaged, contact with bar, push knees back)

x5-10 reps hook grip Low hang to high hang(focus lats engaged, shoulders over knees to shoulders in-line with hip, pulling back, knees still bent)

x5-10 reps hook grip high pulls from high hang position(focus elbow high and back outside, chest contact with bar, engaged quads and glutes to stand tall and pull up as you push floor away to stand)

x5-10 reps scarecrow to catch (focus on elbows pulled back and high to start, on toes fill extension of knees and hips, than fast elbow around bar, catching in mini squat with chest high and hip back and down slightly (hold in catch position for 5 sec).

Part 2: Power Cleans

With flow and moderate weight on the bar:

3 to 5 sets, 5 reps: drop and reset after each clean for proper positioning

3 to 5 sets, 5 reps: Touch and Go, focus hook grip and positioning.

Toes to Bar - Athlete A: Grip and Abs (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete A has not yet achieved T2B or has trouble stringing together more than a small set

3 x 5 Jefferson curl with medium weight KB

4 x 8 strict knee raise with medball between feet, increase weight each round if possible

EMOM 6 - max lax ball false grip hold on pull up bar (limit each hold to :30)

Toes to Bar - Athlete B: arch/hollow mastery (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete B can string T2B and wants to become more efficient with T2B during metcons

3 x 5 Jefferson curl with medium weight KB

3 x 3 kipping pull up

3 x 3 t2b

5 x 1 unbroken t2b > kipping pullup > t2b – rest as needed between sets

Unbroken kipping complex, do not come off bar, do not break kip swing rhythm – focus on bringing kip swing back under control as you fatigue

Kipping pullup 5-4-3-2-1

T2b 1-2-3-4-5

C2 Bike Interval Workout (3 Rounds for time)

This is a workout off of the C2 website. They post aWorkout of the Day, and this is their workout from 22 Mar 23, modified slightly for time constraints. Enjoy!

BikeErg: 3000/2000/1000m3 min between

Saturday Chaos (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

Team of 2


5 Tire Flips

10 Tire Jumps

20 Sledge swings

*IGoUGo full rds

rest 3:00


a) Max bike

b) 100 m waiters walk L50/R50

10 KBS

10 Goblet Rev lunges

*both work-switch when b finishes

rest 3:00


5 Pull ups

1 Wall walk

10 Push ups

3 Clean & jerk 135/95

15 Air Squats

5 Burpees over bar

20 Sit ups
* alternate movements

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