WOD - Sat, Apr 15

WOD - Sat, Apr 15
8am Saturday Chaos (Time)

Team of 2

For Time

100 Wallballs

*every 3:00 100m run together

100 Burpees

*every 3:00 100m run together

100 Hang Clean & Jerks 135/95

*every 3:00 100m run together

100 Box Jumps 24/20

*every 3:00 100m run together

**start at 3,2,1 go with 100m run

can not start till both partners are back in the building

Skills & Drills
Toes to Bar - Athlete A: Lat engagement and getting body behind bar (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete A has not yet achieved T2B or has trouble stringing together more than a small set

Warm up with leg swings and big arm circles

3 x 10 banded straight arm pull down, body in hollow position

EMOM 10 (alternate between movements)

5 band assist front lever raise

5 kipping knee raise with focus on straight arms and lat squeeze

Toes to Bar - Athlete B: Strict T2B and compression strength (Checkmark)

Typical Athlete B can string T2B and wants to become more efficient with T2B during metcons

Warm up with leg swings and big arm circles

EMOM 5 - 1 strict t2b with max hold at top position (limit hold to :30)

1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 strict t2b, rest as needed between sets, focus on starting from dead hand with as little kip as possible

C2 Bike Interval Workout (Distance)

Interval - :45 on, :90 off, for 6 iterations.

Power Clean Skill Work (No Measure)

Today"s skills in the power clean focus on keeping the posterior chain engaged through all elements of the lift.

3 rds 5 reps each

  • Medball Deadlifts
  • Medball high hang shrug and elbow high outside
  • Medball cleans

Skills with PVC and red or blue band; wrap band mid shin height around rig pole, PVC inside band

Set Up: Start in standard DL stance, create tension with band, keep barbell touching shins and tension in lats, slight flex in wrist, long elbows

5 reps, of: Slowly move barbell from mid shin to just below knee, by pushing knees back and lifting butt slightly

5 reps, of: Next start in high hang with tension in lats, wrist. Knees are just under the bar, pull bar back as you force hips forward meet bar in middle, quicker speed and move it into a muscle clean. Focus on catch position, Muscle clean,Little shrug, elbows come back than rotate quick around the bar! Slow motion.

5 reps, of: Hang power clean or hang squat clean.

Repeat as time is available.

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