WOD - Mon, Sep 25

WOD - Mon, Sep 25

Double Unders/Toes to Bars

EMOM x 7

a) out/ins x 30

b) scap pullups x 10

c) fwd/bwd x 30

d) lying toes to pole x 15

e) side to side x 30

f) hanging knee raises x 10 (drillin it)

f) hanging straight leg

raises x 10 (killin it)

g) speed steps x 30

Metcon (No Measure)


Row 8/6 cals

8 bar facing burpees

30 crossovers /double unders*

8 toes to bar

Rest 2:00


Row 12/9 cals

10 bar facing burpees

45 double unders/single unders

10 toes to bar

Rest 2:00


Row 15/12 cals

12 bar facing burpees

60 jump rope speed steps

12 toes to bar

*if you have crossovers, please do those. If not, double unders are the Rx option and penguin hops are the scaled option.

This workout is compliments of TTT.

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