WOD - Fri, Oct 6

WOD - Fri, Oct 6

Handstand Work

EMOM x 9

Drillin It/Killin It

a) bottom up plank hold/wall walk to wall facing hold x :45

b) floor to down dog hold/max HSPU negatives x :45

c) plank shoulder taps/wall facing shoulder taps x 12 total

Toes to Bar

EMOM x 8

Drillin It/Killin It

a) scap pullups/arch-hollow lat press down x 8

b) hanging knees to elbows/hanging straight leg raises x 3

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

EMOM x 12 (:45 work/:15 transition)

a) cals row

b) dual DB box step overs 24"/20" 35"s/20"s

c) cals row

d) lateral box jump overs 24"/20"

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