WOD - Fri, Oct 13

WOD - Fri, Oct 13

Double Under Game

In groups of 2. Compete with your partner and the first person to finish the round, wins that round. If you trip up in the round, you must start the round over from the beginning. The round must be completed unbroken.

Round 1-30 singles into 30 speed steps

Round 2-30 speed steps into 20 single leg hops/leg

Round 3-20 singles into 10 double unders

Round 4-20 doubles into 5 single single double

Round 5- 30 doubles into 20 singles unders into 10 speed steps

After partners have completed all 5 rounds the winner of the most rounds competes head to head with all other winners in the final round.

Round 6-20 double unders into 10 single unders into 4- 360 degree turns (2 to the left then 2 to the right)

Winner of the final round gets to advance to the 15 double under and 40 wall ball round of the WOD.

Metcon (Time)

For Time (30:00 time cap)



double unders

wall balls 20#/14#

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