Summer Series 23.4 Recap

Our final week of the Summer Series brings us a miserable couplet: dumbbells devils press and dumbbells thruster. With a weight individual to your power clean from week 1, athletes moved different weights based on their strength – with Ryan moving 50s and Atticus moving 5s. This was my attempt to level the playing field and shake up the leaderboard. Did it work?


There was a big difference between men and women scores this week – the average woman performed almost 30 reps MORE than the average guy.


For the men, Brad takes the top spot, with Sunday Matt and Nick Worobey also finishing the round of 18. Dave, Jim, and Jon round out the top end for the guys.

For the ladies, Macey takes the top spot, with George-Ann, Crystal, Marisa, Tara, both Carolyns, Kristin B and Abby all finishing the round of 18s.

Overall after 4 weeks and 9 tests of fitness, we do see a shake-up on the leaderboard: on the men’s side, Sunday Matt finishes VERY strong to take the top spot. Nick Worobey takes 2nd, and regular Matt takes 3rd. (Two podium spots for Matt Fenton! Well done Matt.)


Brad also turns the pressure up in the final weeks, coming in 4th overall, followed by Nick Waring, Zach, Allen, and Dave.

For the ladies, Tara lost some points in the final week, but still comes out on top. George-Ann and Macey both turn-up the heat in the last two weeks to make a run, and take 2nd and 3rd place. Hannah slides into 4th, with Crystal, Marisa, and Kristin B rounding out the top spots for the women.

As always, though, it's a team competition. 

Glen, Rick M, Nicole, Marisa take 5th place.

Mike, Matt D, Hannah, Crystal take 4th.

In 3rd place on the podium: Nick War, Zack, Macey, Kristin K!

In 2nd...drum roll please...Brad, Jim, Abby, George-Ann have a terrific final 2 weeks to take 2nd place. 

Which leaves 3 Jeepers & a Creeper (Dave, Tara, Heather, and me) in first place! 

Congratulations to all competitors - I hope that you had fun and pushed yourself. 

However, we're not done yet: the Summer Series Finale will be at the Michaud Ranch on Saturday. Parking is limited - we're asking that you carpool. So, a few options: coordinate a carpool on your own, or meet at Battle at 9 and carpool from there. We'll be starting the fitness at 9:30 am, and 1 person PER team will have a swimming test - so plan appropriately. We'll do some individual tests of fitness from 9:30 to 10:30, and then team fitness tests from 10:30 to 11:30. Then we'll announce winners and fire up the grill for some fun. 

Saturday is for everybody - so even if you weren't in the Summer Series, come out on Saturday and join the celeration!




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