Summer Series 23.3 Recap

Summer Series 23.3 Recap:

Weeks 1 and 2 brought us a variety of tests of fitness – 7 different tests, testing a variety of individual components of fitness. That’s only a fraction of what CrossFit is though – we like to blur the line between each of these individual components. So that’s what week three brought us: weightlifting combined with gymnastics combined with cardio. Snatches, upper body pulling movements, and jumping rope. Each round got progressively harder, though lower in reps. The rep scheme was:

50 Snatches (45/15)

50 Hanging Knee Raises

50 Single Unders

40 Snatches (65/35)

40 Jumping Pull-ups

40 Cross Overs

30 Snatches (95/55)

30 Toes to Bar

30 Double Unders

20 Snatches (135/95)

20 Pull-Ups

20 Triple Unders


You had 23 minutes to finish or get as far as you could. Masters and teens had a weight advantage on the snatch, but otherwise had to do the rest of the movements the same.


How far did you get?


For BOTH the men and women, 10 athletes got past the double unders (finished round 3). For the women, Tara takes the top spot (only female to get to, much less complete, the pull-ups). Macey beats Hannah in a tie-breaker for the 2nd spot, narrowly beating out George-Ann. Marisa rounds out the top 5 with 7 Snatches at the final weight (Corinne and Crystal also hitting some reps at the heaviest weight.)

For the men, Ryan’s back from his sabbatical, and he COMPLETES all 20 TRIPLE UNDERS to finish the workout under the 23 minutes. Sunday Matt is the only other character to get a triple under, though everyone named Nick W. got at least half-way through the pull-ups. Brad rounds out the top 5 (finishing the final snatch weight). Dave, Zach, and Allen all hit reps at the heaviest snatch as well.

On the team side, Brad, Jim, Abby, George-Ann take the top spot (their first top spot of the competition!) with your 2nd place regulars 3 Jeepers & a Creeper (Tara, Heather, Dave & me) taking our usual spot.  Nick War, Zack, Macey, Kristin K are in 3rd in week 3, with Glen, Rick M, Nicole, Marisa in 4th and Mike, Matt D, Hannah, Crystal tied with Will, Ryan, Corinne, Jackie for 5th.


Overall, Nick Waring loses some of his lead, but still maintains the top spot on the men’s side. Sunday Matt has the potential to dethrone Nick in the final week. Top 20 men are:

On the ladies side, Tara’s dominance continues, though Hannah is within striking distance with one week left. Top 20 women are:

Of course, it’s a team competition – 3 Jeepers & a Creeper remain in first, gaining some points. However, there’s still a possibility of 400 team points for the final week, so there are 3 teams that are still vying for top spot.


Top 10 teams are:

Heading into our final week, will Jeepers/Creepers break the curse and take the top spot? Or will Nick Waring, Zack, Macey, and Kristin K bring the thunder?


Full stats for you over-thinkers below:


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