Summer Series 23.2 Recap

Week 2 of the Summer Series is in the books! This week’s test of fitness: 4 individual tests. 1 minute max calories Assault Bike, 2 minutes max reps Wall Balls, 3 minutes max Rope Climbs, and “Death by 10 m”. If you’ve been hanging out with me for a few years, you recognize these as some of my favorite tests of fitness. There’s a chance you even PR’ed! So how did we all stack up?

Test 1: 1 minute, Assault Bike. You’ll recognize this as “The Assault Bike Challenge” which has grown in popularity in our CrossFit cult.

Top men: Will (a crazy 53 calories!, Jon, Sunday Matt, Nick Waring, Zach, and Kollin all break the 40 calorie mark.

Top women: Shannon H, Heather, George-Ann, Tara, Emilee are all over 26 calories.


Test 2: 2 min, max Wall Balls.

Top men: Matt F, Matt D, Nick Waring, Ethan, Nick Worobey


Top Women: Tara, Kristin B, Carolyn Grimes, Heather, Angela D.


Test 3: 3 min, Rope Climbs.

Top men: Nick Worobey (a crazy 12 climbs!) , Kollin, Matt F, Sunday Matt, Dave.

Top women: Kristin B, Macey, Tara, Crystal, Nicole C


Test 4: Death by 10 m.

Top Men: Nick Waring, Nick Worobey, Brad, Sunday Matt, Zach, Ethan


Top women: Tara, Jackie, Kristin B, Hannah, George-Ann, Abby, Carolyn Grimes


Scoring: each event was worth a possible 25 points per individual (with the week being worth 100 pts possible).

Here's overall men scores through our first 7 tests of fitness. Ryan's out injured this week, which opens the door for his big bro Nick to take the top spot. There's been a possible 200 points, so Nick's only missed 21.3 of those points so far. Matt Fenton and Sunday Matt Fenton are in 2nd and 4th, respectively. Show offs. Thus far, 17 men have at least 1 top 5 performance! Lots of variety in these 7 tests of fitness.

On the women's side, Tara dominates, taking top spot in 2 of the 4 tests this week, to bump Hannah out of the top spot. Heather's in third, with George-Ann and Crystal rounding out our top 5. Same as the men, 17 women have placed in the top 5 in at least one workout so far (signified by the green highlight in the cell.) 

As always, it's not an individual competition. 3 Jeepers & a Creeper (me, Dave, Tara & Heather) slide barely into the top spot! However, Mike, Matt D, Hannah, and Crystal are in a very close 2nd, with Nick, Zach, Macey, and Kristin K right behind them. Top teams are listed below. 

Oh snap, is there a hint in there about what the next 2 weeks are? Only time will tell. Come out on Thursday at 7 pm to see the 23.3 announcement and throw down (or drink up)! While we're 7 tests into this season, there's still 200 points per person on the line, so the competition is still wide open. 

Any guesses for 23.3? 

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