Summer Series 23.1 Recap

Fifty Two Battles completed our first week of the Summer Series - and it was an amazing showing! We completed "The Other Total" - the lesser known cousin to some of our more popular weightlifting totals, "The Other" gained some fame over the last few years as it was a workout during various CrossFit Open qualifier events. A combination of three max lifts (clean, bench press, and overhead squat), our first week was obviously biased towards the strong athletes. 

Where did we each end up? 

On the men's side, Ryan & Nick Waring, Zach, Allen, and Matt Fenton take top spots in the clean; Will absolutely dominates the bench press (330!), with Lenny, Matt D, Ryan, Matt F, and Mike Manning placing in the top five. In the squat, Masters had a distinct advantage, as Matt D, Ryan, Nick Waring, Robbie, Lenny and Jeff Snell come in at the top. 

For the ladies, Hannah, Corinne, Tara, Jackie and Jess top the leaderboard on the clean; with Hannah, Angela Snell, Corinne, Angela D, and Crystal at the top of the bench press; and Heather, Hannah, Tara, Marisa, Nicole & Macey at the top in the squat. 

Scoring: for scoring, this whole week is worth up to 100 points for each individual. The lifts were each worth 33 or 34 points to the top performer, and then fewer points as you go down the leaderboard. Lowest man/woman gets about 1 point. Team points are then just the sum of the individual points.

Of course, it's not an individual competition: currently in third place, Team Nick War, Zack, Macey, Kristin K looks strong!

In 2nd place, Team Will, Ryan, Corinne, Jackie crush some heavy lifts...and currently in first place: 

Team Mike, Matt D, Hannah, Crystal!

Hannah dominated the ladies side, taking at least top 2 in every lift. Ryan did the same on the guys' side. 

A note: I gave the Masters the benefit of a Front Squat instead of Overhead Squat, which put a lot more masters in the top for that lift, but I stand behind that decision. However, I did NOT give the Teens ENOUGH of a benefit, and they are mostly at the bottom of the leaderboard. 

It was a week of huge PRs and STRONG athletes! 

Where are perennial 2nd placers Team Justin, Dave, Heather, and Tara? Are there enough weeks left for them to rise back in to 2nd place? Only time will tell. 

Come out on Thursday at 7 PM to watch the 23.2 announcement and throw down! Or, again, it's any regular workout on Friday. Full stats below:

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